That’s all I can say.  As I sit here two weeks post Ironman Florida I am still in shock over the race I had!  I still can’t believe that I was able to do Ironman Florida in under 13:30.  Wild!

And as I write that, I think about where I was one year ago.  Last year in November I was right in the beginning of recovering from Adrenal Fatigue.  I was 20 lbs heavier.  Yeap 20 whole lbs extra where flopping around on this body.  I wasn’t sleeping, had high anxiety, and my “workouts” consisted of a 30 minute walk.  I was a mess!

I had been working with a nutritionist Marcie Goldman and in January she referred me to acupuncturist Andrew at Jade Mountain Health.  This is when things really turned around for me!  Andrew treated me with needles, cups and herbs and it made all the difference in my getting better! 

I began actual triathlon training in April under the watchful eye of Coach Cary.  Cary carefully  guided me back to being able to race.  She listened and new my body better than I did!! 

This time around training for Ironman was so different from my first.  My first one was all about over-distance training. This time Cary made recovery and rest days a big part of my training plan.  I honestly did not think I had trained properly for Ironman Florida…and boy was I wrong!  I look back and feel like I hardly trained at all.  I know I did, I just had plenty of recovery!

Coming off of being sick and loosing most of my base endurance, I had NO idea how Ironman Florida would be for me.  I had taken about 8 months off and even though I had raced this season…I didn’t know how I’d stack up to an Ironman.

Well now I do know!   Cary’s coaching was spot on!  I was telling a friend the other day, I feel like a SOLID athlete again!  I now know where my body is at.  I know how solid my fitness is.  It’s such a good feeling considering what my health was like last year. 

Looking back at this past season of training and racing, I also need to thank the tons of people who made a 13:16:18 possible!

First off, I’d like to thank everyone at TriBella Mulitsport and all my TriBella Teammates!  Without the shop and my gals getting through all the  technical stuff and the hours of training wouldn’t have been as easy and fun.

And then there are those who kept this body going.  Andrew at Jade Mt Health is the most amazing acupuncture EVER!  I can’t sing his praises loud enough.  He is truly gifted in his needling and   his knowledge of herbs.  Brian Ray did wonders keeping my muscles and fascia from becoming one big knot!  And there’s also Dr Ken at Active Care.  He kept my hips where they should be throughout the season.

Now to the people who really kept me going through all these miles of training.  First off, my training partner in crime, Scott He would meet me for workouts even if he didn’t have one to do!  He was my motivator throughout the weeks as we did almost all our training together. Now that’s a friend!  Also my friend Angela.  We met this year at the 24 Hr Fitness pool and immediately hit it off. She would ride with me, SAG me on my long rides…she was incredible!  And like I mentioned, all the gals on the TriBella team.  Lots of miles were traveled in the company of some amazing women. 

Now I want to give an extra shout out to my dear friend Kelli.  She met me many times for training adventures.  Most of all, she came to Florida to support me on my big day.  She took such good care of me. She also helped my Mom navigate race day and they didn’t miss a moment of my race! 

I am so grateful to everyone who made this spectacular Ironman happen.  I never in a million years believed I could ever do an Ironman in under 13:30.  Never. 

I now have a new level of confidence. I can open my mind to the fact that other things I thought impossible might now be possible. 

I just met with Coach Cary the other night, and have come up with some goals for 2013 and how we will use the 2012 season to get there.  I am beyond excited to see what else I might be able to accomplish in the coming season.  I have this new passion for the sport of triathlon and feel the sky is the limit under the watchful eyes of my coach.

In the meantime, I am fully enjoying my hard-earned recovery time.  I’m fully enjoying the lack of structure in training and eating for a few weeks.  Sleeping in; only doing things I feel like doing; relaxing a bit on the food I put in my mouth…..I can feel my mind and body being restored.  And that’s what this time is all about…..basking in the results of a well raced Ironman!

So thank you everyone!  I am deeply grateful for all your support!  And to all of you who read my blog- THANK YOU.  Your comments keep me going! 

May everyone reach the goals you never believed possible!