It’s been eons since I’ve written a blog post.  Looking back I realize this lack of  writing coincided with my last BIG training block for Ironman FloridaIt seems I have been too busy swimming, biking, running and ….working, to sit my butt down and pluck away at the keyboard.

As I’ve begun my final two weeks of preparation, and taper, to the “Big Day” I find I can take time to write down some of the thoughts that have been swirling through my head.

First, I want to comment on where the title of this post came from.  This Sunday when I was riding along for my last Long Ride, I felt done!  I mean absolutely and completely DONE.  This feeling began the day before with hard efforts while biking and running.  By the time Sundays workout came along it was all I could do to muster a decent workout. 

I had this feeling that I was at the perfect place in my training.  That I was absolutely ready for my taper. That there was not one more hard, long workout left in me!  The thought went through my head “put a fork in me, I’m done!” .  I started chuckling, my heart rate exceeded where it should be, and I thought again “Put a FORK in me, I’m DONE!”

to be finished with or tired of, your current activity or situation.

 I know, you may be thinking….”what a light-weight! She’z done???!!!” 

Well, since my last post here’s what all I’ve been up to…training wise that is…..

I’ve logged 31,000 meters of swimming

just another swim

I’ve biked a total of 630 miles

The warm up on a 75 mile ride


100 Miles Solo in 45 degree weather....with WIND!

 And I’ve run for a total of 115 miles!

A little 20 mile jog

Some workouts were LONG and SLOW, others where SHORTER and FAST.  There were some fun days and some that were just plain brutal.  Each workout brought me closer to D- Day of November 5th.

Yeap, the fork is in and I am ready for my taper.  After one day off of training (except for a 30 min walk) and a good nights sleep…I am feeling better.  I’m beginning to believe that I WILL be able to cross that finish line after traveling 140.6 miles via my own power. 

The countdown has really begun.  Black Betty is on her way to Florida as I write this (thanks Tribike Transport!) and I will meet up with her next Wednesday at IMFL!!!!

The beach awaits me……